Friday, April 20, 2012

Austin City Council Candidate Animal-Welfare Questionnaire Answers Reveal Critical Differences of Opinion on Important Issues

Hello pet lovers--

There are some very real and important differences of opinion among Austin City Council candidates on critical animal-welfare issues in our community.  We will have a more specific report later, but we wanted to get you the candidates' answers to our animal-welfare questionnaire as soon as possible.  Please forward these questions and answers to anyone in Austin who is interested in animal welfare.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell:
Brigid Shea:

Place 2:
Council Member Mike Martinez:
Laura Pressley:

Place 5:
Tina Cannon:
Dominic Chavez:
Council Member Bill Spelman:

Place 6:
Sheryl Cole:
Shaun Ireland:

And don't forget!  The Austin No Kill Coalition's City Council Candidate Forum is *this Sunday*, April 22, at 4pm at Abel's on the Lake (next to Hula Hut).  Please be there to show your support for our community's lost and homeless pets.  It's a fantastic location too!

The Team