Sunday, October 07, 2007


This is it, folks. On Thursday, October 11th at 6pm, the City Council will hear testimony on--- and make a decision on--- the location of our new animal shelter. The fate of hundreds of thousands of sheltered pets is in their hands: will they favor compassion and rebuild the shelter downtown? Or will they favor bureaucracy and skyrises in order to ship our sheltered pets out-of-mind and out-of-sight?

Council Members Martinez and Kim have shown great leadership in proposing an immediate halt to the East Austin move in favor of thoughtful deliberation and consideration of all other possibilities--- including rebuilding on Town Lake. And on the other side, Council Member Dunkerley (surprise, surprise) and Mayor Wynn have now come out in favor of getting rid of the downtown shelter to make room for (and the area prettier for) more condos. That leaves Council Members Cole, Leffingwell, and McCracken to decide the issue on Thursday. We hope you'll contact them early and often this week, by phone and e-mail, to let them know where you stand.

Council Member Cole's e-mail address is: And her phone number is: 974-2266.

Council Member McCracken's e-mail address is: And his phone number is: 974-2256.

Council Member Leffingwell's e-mail address is: And his phone number is 974-2260.

If you care about the future of our homeless pets, the time to act is now. Waiting just a few days may leave your voice silenced. Please e-mail and call them today.

Thank you so very much!
The Team