Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fosters Needed for Gatesville Rotties!

We've received new information on the Houston SPCA/Gatesville seizure. One highest-level need right now is to line up fosters to volunteer to provide temporary (one-to-three months) foster care for seniors, medically compromised, and behaviorally challenged (rambunctious teenagers and timid females) Rotties. At this point, they are looking for 30-40 foster homes for these categories of higher-needs dogs.

The dogs are currently located in Houston, Texas, in the custody of the Houston SPCA. But once the legal process is over (a week to two), most of the dogs will be transferred to the custody of non-profit rescues as organized by the American Rottweiler Club. There is a preference for fosters to be in Texas or nearby states so that the dogs do not have to travel too far. Fosters will need to keep the dogs as in-house pets (not "yard dogs" or in kennels 24/hours/day) and may need to house train and leash train the dogs.

Once the dogs are available for adoption, they will be adopted out through local non-profit rescue groups. In addition, the dogs will be marketed on the website, and through adoption events.

If you are interested and available to help save these magnificent and abused dogs' lives, please send an e-mail to Lew Olsen at In your e-mail, please provide your name, location, and contact information, as well as any experience you might have with medically compromised dogs and timid females.

Together, we can save these dogs. We're just going to need your help to do it!

The Team