Saturday, January 01, 2011

A No Kill Austin Is Within Reach!

Happy Holidays & New Year, Animal Lovers!

This year, great stides have been made towards Austin, Texas, joining the ranks of America's "No Kill" cities. Town Lake Animal Center celebrated its highest save rate ever: a full 72% of all animals that entered the shelter left alive this fiscal year! There is still a ways to go before we reach our goal of becoming a "No Kill" city--- defined as saving 90% of all impounded animals--- but it is inescapable that we're headed in the right direction.

Speaking of improvements, how about the amazing Austin Pets Alive!?! Seemingly out of nowhere, Austin Pets Alive has saved nearly 6,000 dogs and cats straight from the "kill list" at Town Lake Animal Center. The organization celebrated landing its own two-building complex this year (at 2807 Manchaca Road in South Austin), officially becoming the largest non-profit animal-rescue group in all of Austin! And to top off their amazing year, they are having an end-of-year adoption blow-out where you can name your own price for dogs and cats over 6 months old. Take a few seconds to watch this fun (and funny) YouTube ad for their sale:

The upcoming year will bring some additional major (and, we hope, positive) changes for Austin's homeless pets. The City will shortly be hiring a new animal-shelter director from a set of talented finalists (the City is currently focusing on Tompkins County SPCA Executive Director Abigail Smith), and we'll also find out whether Austin Pets Alive will be partnering with the City to run its adoptions program at the shelter.

And lastly, Town Lake Animal Center and animal-friendly Council Member Laura Morrison issued a public statement today asking animal owners to please keep their dogs secured inside during New Years fireworks celebrations so that they won't escape and end up at the shelter. They also announced that for the month of January, all dogs weighing over 45 pounds can be adopted from TLAC for free! Read more about how you can safeguard your pets during the fireworks (and about the January sale) here: Council Member Morrison has been a powerful advocate for Austin's homeless pets ever since she joined the Council, and she just announced that she is running for reelection. Although does not endorse candidates, you can sign up as a "supporter" of Council Member Morrison, and/or make a donation to her campaign, by vising her campaign website here: The campaign told us that any support would be greatly appreciated, but early support--- before the January 1st reporting deadline--- is especially appreciated.

That's it for now. We'll keep fighting for Austin's homeless and lost pets, and thanks so much for your support!

Warmest regards,

The Team