Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sticking to the Facts

In case anyone is wondering where FixAustin gets its statistics on Austin's pound, we get them directly from the source:  Austin's pound.  In Texas, there is a Public Information Act that makes most government documents available for public review.  In Austin, TLAC makes its sheltering statistics available to the public as a result of this law.

More recent months are actually even available on-line on the City of Austin health department's website:  http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/health/animal_services_reports.htm.  The reports available on-line cover the months from September 2007 to the present.  Older reports are available upon request from the City's public information department.

For more information on requesting public information, visit the Texas Attorney General's website:  http://www.oag.state.tx.us/open/requestors.shtml.

Best regards,
The FixAustin.org Team