Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pulliam Orders Kills Despite Empty Cages

On any given day at Austin's Town Lake Animal Center, dozens and dozens and dozens of cages sit empty and unused.  In fact, two recent audits by the State of Texas indicated over 100 empty dog and cat cages at the time of inspection.

With all those empty cages, one might think it's time to celebrate the lack of killing at the pound.  But it isn't.  Instead, TLAC's 6-figure-salary director, Dorinda Pulliam, continues to order the killing of adoptable pets day in and day out at the pound.

That's right:  our hard-earned tax money is used to kill and dispose of the bodies of our community's lost and homeless pets despite plenty of cage space to shelter them.  It is an indefensible and horrific policy, and a community as progressive as Austin deserves better.

So what can you do?  E-mail the Austin City Council right now and demand Pulliam's immediate replacement.  Ordering that adoptable cats and dogs die while cages sit empty and unused is not okay.